August 2018 - Operating Parameters To Consider When Choosing An Amplifier

In this video, Jeffrey Gibala, principal engineer for Corry Micronics, discusses what operating parameters one should consider when selecting an amplifier. He covers gain, operating frequency, output power level, efficiency, linearity, and noise level. Watch the video to learn more

August 2018 - Considerations When Choosing An RF Power Amplifier

In this article, we’ll talk about the important operating parameters to consider when choosing an amplifier, as well as the various types of amplifiers offered by Corry Micronics. Corry Micronics provides power amplifiers that can output tens to hundreds of watts, and low-noise amplifiers with output in the hundreds of milliwatts. The amps we offer can be used with basic continuous wave signals or complex signals, like LTE or WCDMA.

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