• Switch Filter Bank
    Switch Filter Bank
    • Low Insertion Loss
    • Fast Switching speeds
    • Broadband from DC to 40Ghz
    • Filter types
      • Microstrip, Stripline, Suspended Stripline, slabline
      • LC (discrete components)
      • Combline
      • Cavity
      • Interdigital
      • Tubular
      • Waveguide
      • Ceramic Resonator
      • Helical

  • Cellular Band Switched Filter Module
    Cellular Band Switched Filter Module
    • Passband Frequency of 10MHz to 40GHz
    • Up to 10 channels
    • Low insertion loss of less than 5 dB (typical)
    • Fast switching speeds of 100ns
    • Adjustable mechanical form factor to drop-in customer defined space
    • TTL or user defined control such as USB
    • Rejection of 60dB min
    • Power supply +5VDC typical
    • Low noise amplification is optional but can be added

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