Switch Filter Bank

Customizable RF Switched Filter Banks

Quantic Corry has released its RF Switched filter banks. CMI offers two types of switched filter banks, the integrated style where the drivers, switch and filter circuits are designed as one unit or the plug and play modular type. The picture above is the integrated style while the picture below is the modular style. These two options cover everything that a customer needs when considering an RF switched filter bank.

  • Passband Frequency of 10MHz to 40GHz
  • Up to 10 channels
  • Low insertion loss of less than 5 dB (typical)
  • Fast switching speeds of 100ns
  • Adjustable mechanical form factor to drop-in customer defined space
  • TTL or user defined control such as USB
  • Rejection of 60dB min
  • Power supply +5VDC typical
  • Low noise amplification is optional but can be added

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