Stripline and Suspended Stripline Filters

Quantic Corry Stripline and Suspended Stripline Filters are the perfect solution for unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare, electronic counter measures and electronic support measurement. They are extremely light weight, have a printed circuit board design and are available as drop-in, surface mounted and connectorized configurations, increasing their flexibility.

At Quantic Corry we use low loss ceramics and laminate materials in our Stripline Filters, standard thick film processes and high accuracy thin film processes.

Quantic Corry Stripline and Suspended Stripline Filter Advantages:
  • Broad Frequency Range: 600 MHz to 38 GHz
  • Very Hi Q
  • Small Form Factors
  • Good Power Handling
  • Stable Over Temperature Ranges
  • Steep Roll Off, Highly Selective
  • Extremely Flat Frequency Response
  • Low and High Band Filter Designs
  • Multiplexers
  • Low Insertion Loss

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At Quantic Corry, customization to your specifications is a specialty, not a sideline. We are dedicated to the Corry Advantage:

  • Extremely competitive pricing on all custom orders.
  • Rapid turn-around times.
  • The same dedication to excellence and precision you always find in our in-stock subcomponents – from engineering to complete testing for quality assurance.
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