RF Switch Matrices

The Customizable RF Switch Matrix with Ultimate Flexibility!

RF Switch Matrix

Developed for production testing, lab environments & general switching applications, RF Switch Matrices from Quantic Corry will direct signals from:

  • Antennas
  • Signal Generators
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Into and Out of Test Products
  • Network Analyzers
  • Power Meters
  • Modulators
Look at Our History – Look at Our Customization Capabilities; No One Beats Quantic Corry!

Designed by the same RF experts who built the first CATV remotely controlled RF agile monitoring system – With that kind of history and know-how, you can count on RF Switch Matrices from Quantic Corry.

Whatever you need – it’s engineered and built here!

  • Expandable in Blocks of 8×8 up to 64×64 in a Single Unit; Multiple Units up to 256×256
  • Mechanical Sizes: 1U up to 10U
  • Blocking, Non-Blocking and Super-Non-Blocking Configurations
  • Speeds to 5 µs with FPGA option
  • Frequency Range: DC to 40Ghz
  • Control: USM, 10/100 Base-T, Front Panel Entry, SNMP Control and Monitoring
  • Impedance: 75 or 50 ohm
  • Isolation: Up to 80dB
  • Power Supply: AC or DC, Redundant and Battery Back-up Options
  • Insertion Loss: Varies Depending on Matrix Type but Can be Active with No Loss
  • Types: Electro-Mechanical Relays or Semiconductor Based

As with all of our customized solutions, we will engineer your RF Switch Matrices to the same demanding standards with which we build all of our components, and then test them to your specifications, giving you the same confidence and reliability our other customers have come to enjoy for over 40 years.

But don’t worry; “custom” ≠ “expensive” at Quantic Corry!

RF Switch Matrices
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