Corry Micronics offers a line of waveguide components ranging from the rectangular to the standard gain horn antenna adapters, to the waveguide isolators and circulators to the waveguide directional couplers.

There are several types of assemblies for RF waveguide components. Bend assemblies are used to change the direction of the electric or magnetic field lines inside waveguide systems. Twist assemblies are used to change the polarization of the radio waves inside the waveguide. Straight section assemblies are RF waveguide components used for straight transition between waveguides. Offset section assemblies are used to connect two non-aligned waveguides. Custom assemblies are waveguide components made according to customer instructions.

Typically, the waveguide components are capable of handling high power transmission circuits of up to over 2,000 watts. The frequency range is from a low end of 2.7GHz to a high of 17GHz.

Corry Micronics offers both standard and custom products.

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