Pin Diode Switches

Corry Micronics offers a complete line of RF switches. The RF switches are controlled by pin diodes that cover a frequency range of 20MHz to 18GHz. The switches are offered as either the reflective or non-reflective style of RF switch. Many of our RF switches have been installed in communications systems, test equipment, filter selectors and antenna selectors. Switches are designed to be TTL compatible and operate from +5VDC to between -5VDC and -15VDC. The RF switch series are designed to have great isolation between ports from a low isolation of 55dB to over 80dB.

Our RF switches are available as a single pole/single throw up to a single throw eight way switch. All of our device lids are epoxy sealed and screened to provide our customers with the very best overall design.

Standard switches are designed to handle a 1 watt Continuous Carrier (CW). Switching times range from 50 nanoseconds to 200 nanoseconds with very low insertion loss.

We will also custom design switches to a customer’s requirements. Call us today to receive a quote for your next project.

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