High Power RF Amplifiers

Corry Micronics’ line of high power RF amplifiers feature up to 40% efficiency, an extended temperature range of -20 degC to 55 degC for MIL-STD applications, and status monitoring signals that provide diagnostic information.

These high power RF amplifiers cover the 700 MHz to 2.1 GHz frequency range and can be used for GSM, WCDMA, and CW frequency modulation types. They have a 20 Watt power output @1dB point, 43dB gain, and an operating voltage of 28 volts+/-1VDC.

Corry Micronics’ ruggedized amplifiers have Automatic Level Control (ALC) to maintain a stable RF output level over varying temperature conditions and incorporate protections against abnormal temperature, VSWR and power conditions.  Status signals from the amplifier provide indications of these conditions and can be monitored remotely.

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