Directional Couplers

Corry Micronics offers four types of 50 ohm directional couplers with several different styles and connector options. All Corry Micronics directional couplers feature a flat frequency response and great port-to-port isolation while maintaining low insertion losses. The first series is the “Lumped Element Directional Couplers or Corry Micronics D Series.” This style comes in five case types. These case styles are Surface mounted (S2), Horizontal pin (A1), the Vertical pin (B2), the Circular pin (E) and the Coaxial cable connector (T14) Style.

The second series is the Ultra-Broadband, Corry Micronics DA Series designed with SMA connectors. This series covers multiple frequency octaves ranging from 0.5GHz to 18GHz.

The third series of directional couplers is the Communication Band Directional Couplers or Corry Micronics DB Series.

The fourth series of directional couplers is the high current couplers that can handle power ratings up to 200 Watts. These directional couplers are designed using the tapered strip line approach. The frequency range is from 0.8MHz to 2.5GHz. Corry Micronics can design custom directional couplers with power ratings to 500 Watts.

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