Diplexers & Multiplexers

Diplexers are three port devices that are used to combine or split signals that are at different frequencies. A diplexer is designed with two fixed bandpass filters that are connected to a common port. The two frequency bands are typically the transmission output and receive signals that are separated so that the two signals do not interfere with each other.

Multiplexers are passive devices used to split or combine signals, usually of different frequencies. Once several frequencies are combined, a single transmission medium is used to send or receive the signals. When the application is for splitting a signal, the input is the signal source and the outputs are split into several other ports. The two most common configurations are the 2 and 4 way. At Corry Micronics, we have off the shelf units designed for industry specific frequency bands or we will custom design to a company’s requirement.

Multiplexers are many times installed at intermediate points where signals need to be added or removed from the transmission line.

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