Cavity Filters

Corry Micronics offers a line of cavity filters. We have several stock cavity filters that are designed for specific industries. Some of the more popular stock units are for filtering CDMA repeaters with a Bandpass range of 825-835MHz and other units designed to Bandpass a range of frequencies from 870MHz to 880MHz.

Two other popular frequency bands are the 3G and SCDMA bands. These cavity filters are designed to pass frequencies from 2010MHz to 2025MHz and to pass 1920MHz to 1980MHz.

At Corry Micronics we have also designed filters for the WCDMA frequency band. These filters have a pass band of 1920MHz to 1980MHz and 2110MHz to 2170MHz.

We have several standard filters designed for the GSM band. These filters have a pass band of 825MHz to 880MHz and 909MHz to 960MHz.

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