Low Noise Amplifiers

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Quantic Corry Low Noise Amplifier is a broadband amplifier, boosting your signal without adding noise – meaning all gain, no pain! Incorporating three independently amplified channels in a common housing, the unit has a wide operating voltage range and each channel can be independently bypassed with control signals on the Interface port.

Low Noise Amplifier

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The CMILNA-847-1747-S 3-Channel LNA

  • ParametersSpecification
  • Frequency Range/Channel700 to 2700 MHz
  • Gain18 dB min
  • Return Loss10 dB min
  • Noise Figure2 dB max
  • Impedance50 Ohm
  • Operating Voltage+7 to +28 VDC

Quantic Corry sets the bar high for the entire industry with rugged reliability and exceptional performance.

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