Jamming Amplifiers

Lock in the profits and a competitive advantage with Jamming Amplifiers from Corry Micronics!

The applications for our new Jamming Amplifiers in today’s market are only limited by your imagination, but here are a couple of successful uses to get your engineering juices flowing!

  • Prison Systems – offer cellular jamming from within the walls of prisons.
  • Military Jamming – protect our troop convoys from roadside cellular bomb detonation or remote controlled improvised explosive devices.
  • Drone detection and suppression techniques – with endless possibilities for the fast‑growing drone market!

You could be quickly capturing the market with our in-stock Jamming Amplifiers and market-leading specifications…
  • Broadband with multiple carriers or single carrier hi-output amplifiers.
  • Module, Benchtop or Rack mountable.
  • Frequency range of 20MHz to 18GHZ.
  • Custom monitoring features such as amplifier shut down mode, high-temperature alert, metering of forward and reflective power, level control and gain control.
  • Power Output of 3-100 watts.
  • Amplifier VSWR protection.
  • Powered typically by 28VDC to 220VAC for rack-mounted units.
…or, like with all Corry Micronics’ sub-components, we can offer fast customization of our Jamming Amplifiers to your exact specifications!

We can build everything you could ever need for communications signal jamming applications, and you’ll get the same engineering excellence, fast turn-around times and surprisingly low costs found in all of our in-stock sub-components.

Defeat the competition in this fast growing and highly profitable market – with Corry Micronics!

Get a spec sheet for our in-stock Jamming Amplifiers, or contact us for a fast quote for customization!

Jam Up the Competition in this Lucrative Market with a Customized Jamming Amplifier!

Simply let us know what you need – you’ll get a careful review of your specifications by our engineers, a fast quote and Corry Micronics’ famous service and reliability at low prices!

…where our timely innovation leads to your success!

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