Integrated RF Assembly

Two Great Components in One Integrated RF Assembly Solution!

The Quantic Corry Integrated RF Assembly couples the power and speed of two dependable subsystems to provide you with one dynamic package!

The RFMS-2x8x8 8 Channel Matrix with Probe Port

  • 8 through channels with the ability to divert any one channel through an ancillary port.
  • Probe/test port where the signal analysis occurs.
  • Operates from VHF through 6 GHz frequencies.
  • The 8-channel switch is bi-directional enabling testing in both directions.

TWO! CMIATT-4CH-200W 100 W Attenuator Banks:

  • 4 Channel, 100 W Attenuators.
  • DC to 6 GHz frequency range.
  • 50 dB attenuation with ±1.75 dB accuracy.
  • 100 W maximum power handling per channel.

Coupled together into one Integrated RF Assembly, or when used as a wireless network surveillance system, you’ll enjoy:

  • Customization from one to 48 ports!
  • Frequency to Customer Specifications from 30 MHz to 10 GHz!
  • Fast Switching Speeds at 2 Micro-Seconds!
  • Low Insertion Loss!
  • TTL control, High Port to Port Isolation and Solid-State Switching!


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