December 2019 - RF Signal Combining

Should you combine or separate RF signals? When it comes to whether you should combine or separate RF signals, there are several options and technologies available. The Corry Micronics team has developed a complete guide to help you understand all of the different options available for combining or separating RF signals, including their strengths and […]

November 2019 - RF Switch Matrices

What do you know about selecting an RF Switch Matrix? Our Principal Engineer, Jeff Gibala, has written a very informative paper to help you choose your next RF switch matrix. He not only covers the types and configurations, but dives into the nuances and benefits of various electrical parameters that impact your selection. Information on […]

October 2019 - Ceramic Feedthrough Filters

Your Guide to Feedthrough Filters The Corry Micronics team has developed a free guide, Ceramic Feedthrough Filters: Winning the Finite EMI Fight, that will tell you everything you need to know about feedthrough filters, including different package and circuit options available for both discoidal and tubular feedthrough filters. Our helpful guide even covers: C Circuits […]

August 2019 - Stop By And See Our New Partner PPM Systems At DSEI 2019!

  The Corry Micronics team is excited to announce our new partnership with PPM Systems. This UK-based company now carries a wide range of our products, making Corry Micronics’ EMI/RFI Filters, RF and Microwave Components and Sub-Systems products conveniently available in the UK.     PPM   PPM Systems is a UK-based business that can […]

July 2019 - Choosing Your Next Bandpass Filter

Let Us Help You Choose Your Next Bandpass Filter There are a lot of things to take into consideration when selecting the right bandpass filter: Does cost matter? Is insertion loss an important parameter? What power level will be going through the filter? What is your desired VSWR? The engineers at Corry Micronics have compiled […]

July 2019 - First True High Power Broadband Switch

This year at IMS 2019, Corry Micronics shared the industry’s first true broadband (2 – 18 GHz) high-power switch with speeds of 50 nanoseconds and a small form factor for increased design flexibility. Corry Micronics’s Todd Peterman talks us through the innovative switch design in this 1 minute video.

May 2019 - Rohde & Schwarz, Corry Micronics, 170 dB rejection

When Rohde & Schwarz, a giant in the test & measurement industry, needed a filter with a whopping 170 dB rejection, they came to Corry Micronics, and we delivered.  Corry Micronics has the ability to produce filters with extremely high out-of-band rejection which is critical in many applications.  Corry’s RF filters have been evaluated on […]

May 2019 - Corry Micronics and You: Making History at IMS2019

If we looked back at the history of topics and workshops from past International Microwave Symposium conferences, we’d find that the biggest advancements, best practices and cutting edge equipment were all conference germinal ideas just a few years ago.  We’d see that the most forward thinking engineers and vendors were there, helping us look into […]

April 2019 - High Power RF Switch Selection Explained

Everything You Need to Know for the Right High Power RF Switch There are a lot of things to consider when selecting the right High Power RF Switch: What is the application? Mechanical or Electrical? At what wattage will it be required to operate? And then there are the specifics! The engineers at Corry Micronics […]

February 2019 - Corry Micronics Brings Advanced Sub-Components to Satellite 2019

We are at a time like no other as satellite connectivity opens the doors of fast-moving innovation and products.  Whether you are working within the ocean of things, on autonomous vehicles, in wireless, government or commercial ventures, your company is merely standing at the starting gate.  Satellite for almost every industry will only be bound […]

November 2018 - EDI CON 2018 Show Review

The Corry Micronics team shared a booth with MAJR Products at the EDI CON 2018 show in Santa Clara California. The turnout was lower than expected but the quality of the leads was exceptional. There seemed to be a balanced mix of attendees serving the industries of Test and measurement, defense, communications, self-driving automobiles and […]

July 2018 - The IMS 2018 Takeaway: Much is New; Much Needs to be Developed; The Optimistic Call for All of Us

Philadelphia seemed like a fitting backdrop for the 2018 International Microwave Symposium. The city, rich in historical treasures that were once born out of radical ideas and the desire for a better life, hosted over 9,000 of the world’s top microwave researchers and industry professionals who today do the same; radically push the limits of […]

March 2018 - Our Experience At Satellite 2018

This week, the Corry Micronics team again took the opportunity to host a booth at the year’s largest Satellite Communications convention, Satellite 2018.   There was a tremendous turnout at the convention again this year – the show welcomes attendees from more than 100 nations around the world – and we were excited to have […]

September 2017 - Come See Us at European Microwave Week 2017

The Corry Micronics team will be exhibiting at European Microwave Week 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany from October 8th – 13th, and we couldn’t be more excited.     Where Technologies and Experts Meet   European Microwave Week is Europe’s premier Microwave, RF, Wireless and Radar event. Over 300 exhibitors from all over the world, including […]

July 2017 - With 5G focus, IMS 2017 yields valuable insight, networking for CMI

Imagine being called to a conference by the sound of a conch shell, or watching engineers awkwardly learn the hula, or talking shop with a colleague while enjoying the luau. The spirit of aloha was a big part of last month’s IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium in Honolulu. The hosts were generous and enthusiastic, and […]

May 2017 - Satellite Show

The validation received from our peers and customers regarding the direction of our innovations is just one of the many gratifying aspects of exhibiting at trade shows – recently, Satellite 2017 in Washington, D.C. Insights from this year’s event included: • A growing area of interest exists for Microwave Band Pass Filters; • There’s a […]

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