52 GHz Waveguide Filter

This Essential Sub-Component of Cellular, Satellite and Avionics Communication and Radar Systems Just Got a Serious Upgrade — Like Only Quantic Corry Can Do!

  • Small and lightweight using our in-house precision machining center!
  • Various connector types from flange to 1.85mm!
  • And it’s optimizable for group delay flatness, insertion loss and Hi-Power applications!

…with many additional features that made our 52 GHz Waveguide Filter all the rage at Satellite 2018!

Take a look at the spec sheet to see why hundreds of industry professionals from around the world were talking about the newly engineered Waveguide Filter from Corry! The spec sheet will give you all of the details regarding:

  • Pass Band Insertion Loss
  • Frequency Ranges
  • Band Rejection Minimums
  • And Group Delay Variations…plus more!
And if off-the-shelf isn’t quite what you need, get your needed Waveguide Filter customized!
  • Get maximized performance to your specifications,
  • At amazingly low prices,
  • With super-fast turnaround time…
…everything Quantic Corry has been known for since 1970. Just talk to us!

Get a Quote for Custom Waveguide Filters Built to Your Specs!

Be next in our 45+ year history of passionately out‑performing customer expectations with:

  • Extensive Engineering Excellence
  • Amazingly Low Prices
  • Super-Fast Turnaround for Custom Orders

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