Understanding RF Signal-Combining Technologies

Should you combine or separate RF signals?

When it comes to whether you should combine or separate RF signals, there are several options and technologies available. The Quantic Corry team has developed a complete guide to help you understand all of the different options available for combining or separating RF signals, including their strengths and weaknesses.

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This guide is intended to help engineers determine which component (or combination of components) is most advantageous given the application for which they need it. It explores and explains in great detail:

  • The attributes of Wilkinson power combiners / power dividers
  • Solutions for combining or separating multiple signals of different band frequencies
  • Advantages of circulators
  • How 90-degree hybrid couplers work

The Quantic Corry team has designed and developed each of these components for numerous applications and has deep experience in helping RF component and systems designers find the appropriate device to fit their needs.

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Understanding RF Signal-Combining Technologies

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