Rohde & Schwarz, Quantic Corry, 170 dB rejection

Rohde & Schwarz's ZNA Vector Network Analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz’s ZNA Vector Network Analyzer utilizes Corry’s CMIBPF-550×50 Bandpass Filter.

When Rohde & Schwarz, a giant in the test & measurement industry, needed a filter with a whopping 170 dB rejection, they came to Quantic Corry, and we delivered.  Quantic Corry has the ability to produce filters with extremely high out-of-band rejection which is critical in many applications.  Corry’s RF filters have been evaluated on the new R&S ZNA, demonstrating outstanding rejection performance to 170 dB.

This outstanding filter performance and dynamic range will be on display alongside the new Rohde & Schwarz ZNA Vector Network Analyzer at our booth #1208 at the IMS Show in Boston June 2nd – 7th.

Take a look at how Corry’s CMIBPF-550×50 Bandpass Filter measured up for Rohde’s needs in the areas of:

  • 170 dB rejection
  • Group delay
  • passband insertion loss and peak to peak variation (525 to 575 MHz)
  • passband return loss
Bandpass filter CMIBPF-550x50 Measurements

Bandpass filter CMIBPF-550×50 Measurements