Corry Micronics Offers A Hermetic Bolt-In Feedthru

Corry Micronics offers a Resin/Glass-Sealed Hermetic Bolt-In Style Feedthru designed specifically for the industrial process management industry.

The harsh environmental requirements of this growing industry continues to create challenges as design engineers attempt to meet more stringent safety guidelines, while striving to keep the reliability of products high and the component costs down.

Corry Micronics has been designing and manufacturing EMI Filters and Feedthru components for process control equipment since 1970, and we are constantly striving to provide the highest quality products for this challenging field.

The Corry FTF12 Series was specifically created with hardened process management applications in mind and features the following attributes: 

  • Hermetically tested to exceed gross leak 1×10(-5) cc-He/SEC@1Atm
  • Pressure tested in applications to 150psi
  • The case is designed to exceed flame path and explosion-proof requirements
  • Ideally designed for harsh environments like those found in gas and oil refinery facilities

This unit can also be modified to meet your specific requirements. Please contact the Corry Micronics sales team to discuss design and pricing options.