Quantic Corry and You: Making History at IMS2019

If we looked back at the history of topics and workshops from past International Microwave Symposium conferences, we’d find that the biggest advancements, best practices and cutting edge equipment were all conference germinal ideas just a few years ago.  We’d see that the most forward thinking engineers and vendors were there, helping us look into and prepare for the future.  This year will be no different.

2019 IMS Banner

With 10,000 participants and over 1,000 vendors, this year’s IMS2019 will be your chance to be a part of something great; cutting edge and forward focused.  There is no doubt that we are going to see amazing changes in the radio frequency industry in the next few years.  Boundaries will be pushed and products we can’t begin to imagine will be developed and even become mainstream.  That yet-to-be fulfilled history of tomorrow is, in large part, being written today at events like IMS.


And as in past years, Quantic Corry will be at the Boston venue June 2-7.  We are proud to have been a part of your successful history and we look forward to helping you remain on the front line of innovation with our long line of RF sub-components.  Our engineers have traditionally had an ear to the ground for what’s coming and thought outside the box with innovative solutions.  We are continuing that tradition this year with our highlighted solutions, on display at booth #1208, which will include:


  • The latest in High Power RF Switches,
  • Lab grade filter modules,
  • High Power RF amplifiers and all of our latest 5G products.


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IMS2019 will also be a great time to talk to us about customized solutions.  If you are needing a subcomponent built for specific requirements, whether for large production runs or prototypes, talk to our people at booth #1208.  We are no stranger to challenges and Quantic Corry is known for delivering customized subcomponents that are built beyond expectations, fully tested and in time-frames that won’t slow you down.  Bring your specs, concepts or ideas.  Our engineers will be on hand, eager to talk to you about your place in tomorrow’s RF technology history.