Quantic Corry Brings Advanced Sub-Components to Satellite 2019

We are at a time like no other as satellite connectivity opens the doors of fast-moving innovation and products.  Whether you are working within the ocean of things, on autonomous vehicles, in wireless, government or commercial ventures, your company is merely standing at the starting gate.  Satellite for almost every industry will only be bound by the limits of imagination for years to come. So, what better way to keep current and look forward than by attending the Satellite 2019 conference, May 6th – 9th, in Washington D.C.?  And in between hearing keynote speakers, find the most innovative sub-components for your new products on the vendor floor, talking one-on-one with the team from Quantic Corry.


Satellite 2019 Conference


Satellite 2019 will bring together some of the most brilliant and forward thinking minds in satellite communications from multiple industries; media and entertainment, transportation, telecom and even the investment community.  This is not simply a “go and listen” event. It’s a chance for everyone – from start-ups to large corporations – to mingle, network and find business solutions. It’s also a chance to talk to providers of electronic sub-component needs for product development and production.   Visit Booth #944! Keeping in pace with the conference, Quantic Corry’ will be featuring timely sub-components like:


  • Amplifiers – C-, Ka-, Ku-, Low Noise, and X-Band
  • Frequency Control Products
  • Multiplexes and Switches
  • RF Microwave Components


Quantic Corry has been a manufacturer and world-wide supplier for defense, aerospace, medical, communications and industrial applications since the 1970’s.  We grew up with and know satellite, and we’ve been working tirelessly to stay one step ahead of the newly needed electronic sub-components in satellite applications and integrated products.  With innovative engineering and our capacity to quickly bring into production customized sub-components, more and more engineers are turning to us for our speed, quality control and low prices. Specialties include:


  • Lab Grade Super Speed USB3.1 Filter Module Interfaces – built specifically for the lab environment to filter out unwanted noise when testing products for the new LTEs.  This new USB3.1 filter passes data at up to 10 Gbps with a lowered reject band down to 200 MHz and is fully compatible with all USB speeds formats and charging modes.
  • Custom Machined Housings – not only in numerous metals but also in extruded plastics.  Our flexibility allows you to have your machined housing optionally coated and feedthrus inserted to your requirements which are then hermetically tested.


Bring your concepts, specs and most perplexing problems to Satellite 2019 in Washington, D.C., May 6th – 9th and visit the Quantic Corry team at booth #944.  This is the event and booth you won’t want to miss!