The IMS 2018 Takeaway: Much is New; Much Needs to be Developed; The Optimistic Call for All of Us

Philadelphia seemed like a fitting backdrop for the 2018 International Microwave Symposium. The city, rich in historical treasures that were once born out of radical ideas and the desire for a better life, hosted over 9,000 of the world’s top microwave researchers and industry professionals who today do the same; radically push the limits of concept, design and microwave applications to improve our everyday lives.





Microwave Engineers Are Making a Difference


Nowhere was optimism regarding the pursuit of that goal more evident than in the IMS keynote speakers. They all were upbeat about the future and the ability of quickly evolving microwave competencies to drive change. But as all speakers pointed out, rapid deployment of new frontiers like 5G, IoT and medicine continues to challenge all of us. They reiterated that it will be the RF engineer who can intelligently challenge concepts and think outside the box, much like the founding principles and bold advancements found memorialized in Philadelphia, who will continue to deliver future ‘aha’ moments to their respective industries:


  • Allowing doctors to use microwaves to lower a chronic high blood pressure without invasive procedures;
  • Pushing millimeter wavelengths to extreme GHz levels to make the emerging field of driverless vehicles safer, or,
  • Helping the military detect IEDs or the terrorist’s backpack using microwave technology.



Innovation and the Call for Advanced Subcomponents


IMS 2018 continued to display and explain many optimistic advancements in design during the Technical Programs section of the conference. These exhibitions and their speakers covered a wide gamut of microwave topics, debates and advanced applications.


But at the same time they highlighted an ongoing need for further subcomponent advancements. The representatives from Quantic Corry who were in attendance heard the same things from many attendees to their booth. For military, industrial, aerospace and medical applications, there is:


  • Continued interest in higher power RF components like switches, filters, and amplifiers,
  • A great need for higher frequency components as our industry prepares for the 5G rollout,
  • Needed focus on broadband components to ease cost and complexity issues, and,
  • The need for smaller form factor switches and filters as space is always a concern.



Join Us – And Tell Us What You Need


Conferences like IMS are opportunities for Quantic Corry engineers to hear from our customers and the RF engineering community. We get to talk one-on-one with others about current projects, their dilemmas, and what they would like to see in next generation subcomponents. This allows us to always be on the cutting edge of solutions, and we appreciate the interest and interaction a forum like IMS gives us. You can bet we listen and then come home from these events with a renewed direction and determination to engineer, customize and provide the latest and best subcomponents the microwave industry is looking for.


  • Want to hear what we’re working on?
  • See the latest in what we’ve developed?
  • Talk to us directly about your next project requirement?



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