Non Filtered D-Sub Connectors

Standard D-Sub Connectors

Flat Cable (IDC)
Wire Wrap Connector
Housing For Crimp Contacts
Solder Pin Straight
Solder Pin Crooked (Edge)
90° Solder Pin, 9.4 mm
90° Solder Pin, 7.18 mm
90° Solder Pin, 8.4 mm
90° SMD Connectors, Taped & Reel
90° SMD Connectors
90° SMD Connectors, 6.3 mm, Tape & Reel
Solder Cup, 18 AWG
Strain Relief


Mechanical Drawings:

PCB Hole Patterns (Straight)
PCB Hole Patterns (90° Solder Pins)
Straight Lead Configurations
90° Solder Pin (yc) 6.3 mm
90° Solder Pin 7.4 mm
Eurostyle Solder Pin 3.6 mm


Technical Data


Press-Fit D-Sub Connectors

Press-Fit Straight
Press-Fit d-Combo
Press-Fit 90°, 9.4mm
Press-Fit Straight High Density


PCB Hole Pattern:

Press-In Straight
Press-Fit Straight Combo
Press-Fit Straight Combo
Press-Fit 90°
Press-Fit Straight
Press-Fit Straight High Density


Mechanical Drawings:

Assemblies – Mounting Height
Assemblies – High Density


Technical Data:

Press-Fit – Combo
Press-Fit – Combo
Press-Fit – High Density


Dual Port Connectors
Dual Port Connector

Dual Port Connector (metric)


Mechanical Drawings:

Dual Port PCB Hole Pattern
Dual Port PCB Hole Pattern
Configuration Details


Technical Data:

Data Sheet



Hexagonal/OCR Screws
Dust Caps
Rubber Sleeves
Slide Lock


High Density Connectors

High Density (Straight Pin)
High Density 90° Solder Pin 7.9 mm
High Density Solder Cup


Mechanical Drawings:

PCB Hole Patterns For Straight Solder Pins
PCB Hole Patterns For 90° Solder Pins
90° Solder Pin 6.3 mm


Technical Data:

Data Sheet


Hood Configurations

Plastic Hood Connector M3/M2.5
Plastic Hood Connector UNC4-40-M3
Plastic Hood Connector with Short Screw UNC4-40-M3
Plastic Hood Connector UNC4-40
Water Resistant Connector Hood
Universal Plastic Hood
Universal Plastic Hood (Slide Lock)
Universal Plastic Hood Straight and Side Exit
Low Cost Plastic Hood
Low Cost Plastic Hood UNC4-40
EMI/RFI Shielded Hood
EMI/RFI Shielded Hood (Straight Exit)
Ferrule Versions (DVM and DVMA Hoods)
Snap-Connector Plastic Hood
90° Plastic Hood Connector (Sheilded With Integrated Slide Lock)
90° Plastic Hood Connector (With Slide Lock)
EMI/RFI Metal Hood (Straight)
EMI/RFI Metal Hood (45° Cable Exit)


Combination Power and Signal

Solder Pin Straight
90° Solder Pin, 9.4mm
90° Solder Pin, 7.8mm
Solder Cup
High Voltage Contacts
High Power Contacts
Coaxial Contacts
Pneumatic Contacts
Combo-d Press Fit Straight

Mechanical Drawings:

PCB Home Pattern
PCB Hole Pattern For Straight Coaxial/Signal Contacts with 3 Solder Pins
PCB Hole Pattern for Straight and 90° Solder Pins
PCB Hole Pattern for 90° Solder Pins
PCB Hole Pattern for 90° Coaxial/Signal Contacts with 3 Solder Pins


Mechanical Drawings Options:

Assemblies 90° Solder Pin
Assemblies 90° Solder Pin 7.4
Assemblies 90° Solder Pin 6.3mm


Technical Data:

Technical Data Combo-d
Technical Data Press-Fit
Technical Data Power and Coaxial Contacts
Technical Data Front View


Coaxial PCB Connector (PDF)