EDI CON 2018 Show Review

The Quantic Corry team shared a booth with MAJR Products at the EDI CON 2018 show in Santa Clara California. The turnout was lower than expected but the quality of the leads was exceptional. There seemed to be a balanced mix of attendees serving the industries of Test and measurement, defense, communications, self-driving automobiles and robotics.





What we learned at EDI CON 2018


Our goal at Quantic Corry is to provide top quality, customized components to fit the requirements of any project. Attending EDI CON 2018 gave us the opportunity to discuss some of the current needs and pain-points unique to several industries, so we can continue to develop and provide the best EMI/RFI filters and high-power switch solutions to our customers. Some of the common needs we discussed at the conference included:


  • A continued need for smaller and more lightweight components, like our micro strip-line filters and plastic cavity filters.
  • The tremendous benefits afforded by our ability to customize switching systems, like our switched filter banks, Hi-Power RF Switches and switch matrices.
  • The Quantic Corry products that garnered the most attention was our 5G filters where we discussed the different types of filters that we offer for our customers. Some companies were looking for small form factors while others needed the best performance available. At the show we discussed all types of filters such as LC, Cavity, suspended strip line and waveguide. There is not one solution that is best for our customers’ needs which aligns well with our customization approach to all products that CMI designs and manufactures.



Some of the newest products we are most excited about include our:


  • Base Transceiver Station: customized to your exact project specs, this is the most reliable, and precisely engineered Base Transceiver Station on the market today.
  • Switch Filter Banks: providing fast switching speeds, alongside low insertion loss, with broadband from DC to 40GHz.
  • Strip Line High Frequency RF Filters: extremely robust and light weight, these filters are a perfect solution for airborne applications.
  • Customizable High Power Switches: offering peak power handling up to 5 kW and frequency ranges from 12 MHz to 18 GHz with switching speeds less than 180 ns, customizable switching ports, and TTL control.



Quantic Corry, Custom Solutions for EMI/RF Filtering And Component Needs


  • Quantic Corry designs and manufactures RF/Microwave Filters, Diplexers, Multiplexers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, High Power RF Switches, and other RF/Microwave components. CMI also supplies configurable Microwave/RF Switch Matrix Systems, filter banks, and integrated RF subassemblies.
  • At CMI, we provide uncommon value to our customers, not only in the products we develop, but in our commitment to working hand in hand with you to develop improvements that will exceed your expectations. Contact us at 724-940-7556 to learn more about our services or to discuss your specific project needs.